Tuesday, July 27, 2010

One In A Million

Taken from us far too soon, Aaliyah was only 22 years old when a tragic plane crash took her life. She had just finished filming a new music video and decided to come home early. Unfortunately, the plane that she and her entourage boarded was overloaded with passengers and equipment. I remember that day and how I felt knowing that someone my age had been cut short in such an unexpected and possibly avoidable way. Mortality slapped me in the face.
But what of her talents? Her contributions to the musical world? Aaliyah signed a record deal at the age of twelve and began recording her debut Age Ain't Nothing But A Number with her mentor R. Kelly. This was followed by One In A Million and the soundtrack to her first feature film Romeo Must Die. She began work on Queen of the Damned and released the album Aaliyah.

Then came the plane crash that took her life. Queen of the Damned were released after she left us. Her eponymous album hit number one on the Billboard charts. She left us with songs I still enjoy like "More Than A Woman", "Back and Forth", "Try Again" and "We Need A Resolution". Though her movie roles didn't have a chance to mature and grow, her music definitely changed the face of pop and R&B music. I hope that, even nine years later, this doesn't seem in poor taste to anyone. I really try to be respectful of the ladies on this blog while having a good time and remembering what, besides their beauty, they did in this world. I'm open to feedback.

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  1. I would have loved to see her have a chance to become a driving force in entertainment. She certainly gave it a shot in the time she had, and her loss was a tragedy.