Thursday, July 29, 2010

"Oh, I just sing like I hurt inside."

I remember watching the movie Sweet Dreams starring Jessica Lange as Patsy Cline and Ed Harris as her husband Charlie Dick. I was way, way too young to be watching this movie when I did, but I was intrigued by the tumultuous life and jarring death of the woman with the rich, gorgeous voice.

Patsy was born Virginia Patterson Hensley in 1932. Like some of our other beautiful women, Patsy dropped out of high school and began working to supplement the family income. She was working regular jobs during the day and then singing at night in her iconic fringed cowgirl outfits. Her first hit song wouldn't come until she was 25 years old; "Walkin' After Midnight" was number 2 on the country chart and number 12 on the pop charts. Cline was one of the first to have a crossover hit.

"I Fall to Pieces", Cline's first number one hit, was released in 1961. 1961 also saw Cline release "Crazy". Her success made her a headliner in a time when women were just the opening acts or the pretty face to lure in more concert-goers. She was the first woman to perform at Carnegie Hall, headline Hollywood Bowl, and have a headliner show in Las Vegas. Sadly, she passed away in a plane crash in 1963. She was 30 years old.

Thanks to stupid Wikipedia and my memories of the aforementioned film of Ms Cline's life.


  1. There has never been a more beautiful, more soulful voice in the country music world than that which Patsy owned. She has remained in regular rotation on whatever medium I was using at the time.I love her like crazy and am glad that you included her on this blog. Thank you!

  2. I've never seen the movie to which you speak, the only Patsy I really know was Beverly D'Angelo's in Coal Miners Daughter.

  3. I love Patsy Cline- especially as a fellow Virginian makes me right proud. And yes, she was very beautiful. Some of her photos don't do her justice. Never understood why people think she was plain. To me, she was like Marylin Monroe or something. Really very attractive woman.